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  • Salt Marsh Sunset

    Watercolor painting of a perfect sunset in a salt marsh.


  • Beaufort Gate III

    Watercolor painting of a garden gate in Beaufort, South Carolina.


  • Live Oak Sunset

    Watercolor painting of live oaks and Spanish moss with the setting sun streaming through the leaves. Essence of Southern summer.


  • Beach Path

    Watercolor painting of a palm tree shaded path leading to the beach.


  • Forsythia Notecard

    Paint a beautiful forsythia notecard to brighten someone's day.


  • Forsythia Sketch Painting Tutorial

    YouTube watercolor painting tutorial of forsythia flowers.


  • Maine Sky

    Watercolor painting of a gorgeous Maine summer sky along a hiking path.


  • Beach Porch

    After a lovely day at the beach, relax in these rocking chairs, looking out at the palm trees. Watercolor painting and prints.


  • 12 Days of Christmas Cards, Christmas Trees

    Paint beautiful Christmas trees tied together with retro lights this year for your Christmas cards. Free pdf included!


  • Maine Cove, Sunset

    Watercolor painting of the moment of magical peace at sunset, on a foggy Maine cove.


  • Daffodils in Vase

    This beautiful watercolor painting of daffodils will welcome spring into your home, no matter what the season. The cheerful yellow of the flowers will make you smile every time you look at it.


  • Garden Path Painting Tutorial

    YouTube watercolor painting tutorial of a garden path in Maine. Learn to paint bright sunlight flowers surrounded by deep woods.


  • Artist Resources

    Great artists, books and websites to inspire your watercolor painting! Professional artist Jennifer Branch gives you her favorites! Not to mention her goto art supply stores.


  • 10 Beginner Watercolor Painting Tips

    Here are a few easy ways to improve your watercolor painting today!


  • Snow Dog Painting Tutorial

    YouTube watercolor painting tutorial of a dog playing in the snow shows you every step of the painting process, from paints to brush strokes.


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Older Entries

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